I'm Yazmine, a 17-year-old singer-songwriter. Starting off, this may sound like your basic-cheesy-story that any singing teenager would pull out, I have always loved music and singing from a very young age. Coming from a family that's not linked to music in any way, I guided myself, and that's how my true passion developed with my sole influence and no one else's. I have been singing and learning about music professionally for over eight years now. I am continually seeking ways to expand my knowledge in my craft.

When it comes to my music, I want to convey the raw and authentic emotions that are present in my songs. I am not a huge believer in having hidden emotions and metaphors in songs. If I am going through something, even though I can feel vulnerable about it at times,  I try to demonstrate that in the most truthful and personal way possible.


My music is mainly pop with a touch of RnB. As I started to dive deeper into my passion, my style got heavily influenced by the "soul classics," such as Aretha Franklin and The Supremes. Then, by the pop legends of today and the past: from the King of Pop and Whitney to Queen B, Ariana, SZA, Frank Ocean, and many more artists that are a part of a very long list. My debut single, "Chasin' " was released on December 19th, 2018. The lyrics and music were written by me. The song was co-produced with my producer and vocal coach at As A Bird Productions, that I've been with since 2012. I am very eager to enter the music industry with determination and authenticity.   


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