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Pink Sweat$'s "17"

Pink Sweats has always been an artist that I've loved! His vocals are absolutely stunning. I first started listening to him when he released his EP, "Volume 1" in 2018. Ever since I've been following him and his music. Recently he just released "17". I came across this song as I was just browsing on Spotify, with having so much spare time in quarantine! And this song came up. "17" is such a dreamy and romantic song I had to write about it! A short and simple intro with a simple bass riff that is repeated throughout the song. To me, the song really introduces the feeling of serenity and the feeling of true love (cheesy, I knowww, but hear me out). The slow beats accompanying the bass from the beginning to end also add to this element of simplicity and peace. The song remains with this fresh and calm atmosphere. Also, the electric guitar in the chorus makes the song so uplifting. This small detail adds to the lustful atmosphere that continues throughout the song. Now, can we also talk about Pink Sweats's vocals in the song? Best part. As a singer-songwriter, I know for a fact that a song can completely turn around in production just by adding vocals. Your sound, technique, and style can change how the song sounds completely. Pink Sweats's soul-driven vocals are a perfect match for the expression of love and being in love. The soothing, warm, and deep vocals Pink uses go hand in hand with the guitar bass used throughout the entire piece. While listening to the song, I also picked up on the lyrics. The lyrics of the song are so sweet and lustful. In my opinion, any person who listens to this song will feel as though they are falling in love. The lyrics express the fear as well as the excitement of falling love. In the lyrics, Pink Sweats does express an absolute concern every person in a relationship has, the fear of their partner changing. Changing their lovable personality or changing their feelings, and numerous other factors. I mean- everyone fears change, right? There's also this element of excitement present. We get this fresh picture painted of someone being totally "gaga" over their partner, and being excited to spend the rest of their life with them. Personally, when I first heard the song, I adore the catchy lyrics of the chorus: "We'll be dancing the same groove at 92 the same as 17." I found this so sweet and loving. Yes, again, I know it is cheesy. But hey, I think a small part (or significant part, depending on who you are) of everyone does believe in the idea of "high school sweethearts." The concept of young love being eternal, in other words, finding your one true pair as a teen. Cute, right? Or you're probably feeling sick of all this lovey-dovey crap by now. Either way, I want this song to be played at my engagement party somewhere by the sea in the South of France. "17" is truly a piece of art on its own. I really enjoyed listening to it and talking about it!

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