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"Brooklyn '95", Robotaki ft Mike Clay

Updated: May 15, 2020

Hi, its Yazmine! Sorry for the little delay life's been hectic even though it doesn't seem like it, but I did not forget about my commitment to this! This week I will be talking about Robotaki's "Brooklyn '95." I recently discovered this song on my late-night Spotify song hunts. I adore this song for so many reasons. Let me begin.

First of all, lyrics. The words in this song are so relatable to any of us living in the world at the moment: "Take me back to simpler times," "It don't matter anymore cause all I have is now" "I know i'll get through the day, girl dont ask me how" even in "maybe we could take a walk" (!!!) couldn't paint a better picture am I right? Anyways that's lyrics in the chorus that just spoke to me.

I also love the use of chill beats throughout this song gives me major lo-fi vibes which, I love to listen to during my downtime. Not to mention the little synth electric piano, I don't even know, in the beginning that was super catchy when I first heard it, a true wow factor.

The vocals in the chorus and pre-chorus are really well harmonized, adding the edge and funk of the song. I got lost in the structure of this song, sorry! Okay, at around two minutes into the track, there's a compression and equalization of the vocals and instruments. I love this. so much. I did the same thing in my first single Chasin', and it is definitely a little trick that you will all see more of.

Finally, the end is an instrumental outro, which I find is really good in the sense that it doesn't let the vibe and style of the song die down. the last five seconds I don't really know if that was a voice recording with a vocoder or an instrument. It was perfect to conclude and finalize the beats and all the instrumentations in the song.

If this is what Brooklyn in 1985 sounds like, teleport me, please! Well then, I guess that's all I have to say about this one.

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